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TMJ/TMD Treatment – Pembroke Pines, FL

Solving Chronic Jaw Pain
at the Source

X-ray of jaw and skull bone on tablet computer

When you wake up with a sore jaw every morning, it can be incredibly difficult for you to concentrate on the rest of your day. Even worse, if chewing only results in pain, it makes it impossible to live a normal life. If you’re experiencing jaw pain or general soreness in your ears, neck, head, or shoulders, you may have untreated TMJ disorder. To learn which treatments can help you get out of pain, give Dr. Friedland a call at his dental office to discuss options for TMJ/TMD treatment in Pembroke Pines!

Why Choose Friedland Family Dentistry for TMJ/TMD Treatment?

Diagnosis & Treatment

Model of jaw and skull bone

During your checkup, we’ll not only pay close attention to the way your bite comes together but also ask you if any issues are present with your jaw. If you notice pain while biting down, wake up with chronic jaw pain, or experience a locked jaw or any other symptoms with your jaw, we’ll perform a detailed examination, so we can create a diagnosis of your issue. The more time we spend on building this diagnosis, the more effective your future treatment will be moving forward.

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Woman receiving TMJ screening

One of the most common reasons why TMJ disorder develops is because the bite is uneven. An uneven bite is what causes disproportional amounts of stress to be applied to the jaw joints, which then causes pain. To correct this, we may make adjustments to your current tooth enamel, including any restorations you might have. This works to even out the bite and prevents undue stress from occurring whenever you bite down.

Occlusal Splints

Hand holding clear occlusal splint

Another common treatment for TMJ disorder is custom-made occlusal splints, which are designed to reposition your jaw while you sleep and provide much-needed relief. Typically worn while you sleep, occlusal splints work to prevent tension in the jaw joints and cheeks as well as protect teeth from grinding and clenching. We’ll make sure that your next oral appliance fits your mouth exactly and make adjustments as needed during the fabrication process.

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