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Implant-Retained Dentures – Pembroke Pines, FL

Achieve a More Reliable and Comfortable Denture

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When you have a traditional denture, you’re able to smile with more confidence and eat many more foods compared to having no denture at all. However, there are a fair number of setbacks that can occur, including a denture that slips and shifts out of place when in use. Furthermore, dentures do not offer as many restorative benefits as other tooth replacements, such as dental implants. By combining these treatments together to create an implant-retained denture, our dentists can ensure longevity and functionality that just doesn’t compare to standalone dentures! Call FFriedland Family Dentistry of Pembroke Pines today to get started!

How Do Implant-Retained Dentures Work?

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Traditional dentures rely on the shape of your mouth and natural suction to stay secure. In the beginning stages of using a denture, store-bought adhesives may also be utilized, but should not be used as a long-term solution. In contrast, implant-retained dentures rely on a series of dental implants placed throughout the mouth to stay in place. The result is a denture that feels far more stable, whether you’re eating certain foods, speaking with friends and family, or performing routine oral hygiene. Nothing provides a more reliable foundation for a restoration than dental implants, whether it’s a denture, bridge or crown.

Am I A Candidate for Implant-Retained Dentures?

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If you are missing either several teeth on opposite sides of your mouth or you’re missing all teeth in your upper or lower arches, chances are you are eligible for implant-retained dentures! Keep in mind that you do need to have good oral health, healthy gum tissue, and sufficient bone volume before dental implants can be confidently placed. With that said, more and more patients are eligible for dental implants than ever before and our team will do everything possible to maximize the bone tissue you currently have. If you need to have preparatory treatments completed beforehand, we’ll confirm this during your initial exam.

The Implant-Retained Dentures Procedure

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During your consultation, we’ll confirm your eligibility for implant-retained dentures and begin the planning process. This may include removing any existing teeth that need to be extracted and capturing detailed impressions of your mouth so a restoration can be fabricated. On the day of your surgery, we’ll place a series of dental implants throughout your jaw and give them several months of time to heal. Once the implants have integrated with your existing bone and soft tissue, we’ll be able to place your final implant-retained denture and ensure that it feels comfortable and looks natural. We’ll also make any adjustments to your denture as needed.

Benefits Of Combining Dentures & Dental Implants

An implant-retained denture.

When you combine your denture with dental implants, the most notable benefit is obtaining a restoration that actually stays in place when performing basic tasks. For example, you can chew with much more confidence since your denture is no longer solely relying on the shape of your mouth to stay in place. Dental implants also stimulate your bone tissue, which means you’ll have a much stronger biting force and be able to eat tougher foods that would normally cause a denture to shift out of place. Regular bone stimulation also means you can retain the natural shape of your jaw, ensuring the best looking esthetics possible for your smile and face overall.

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